Lamb’s Quarters Magenta Spreen



Chenopodium album

Stunning version of wild Lamb’s Quarters with brilliant magenta colouring.  Also known as tree spinach. Contains the highest vegetable levels of beta carotene.  Use young leaves raw in salads, older leaves steamed like spinach.  The largest leaves can be stuffed like vine leaves (with rice etc.) and baked. Full sun. Height 2m. Will self seed so cut the head off before seeds form if you do not want a host of volunteers next spring! However the young seedlings are easy to recognise and weed out if you want to. We let them go for it wherever they seed in an ‘appropriate’ spot (by our definition!) and have a continual supply of drought hardy nutritious summer salad greens, with no watering and no work – what’s not to like?! last but not least, the underside of the leaves is covered in pink ‘fairydust’ – the kids love it!

9cm pot. Certified organic plants. Available mid Spring through Jan/Feb.

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