Levisticum officinale
Interesting culinary herb with a taste similar to celery and to the European Maggi yeast extract.  Use chopped leaves dry or cooked in soups, stews etc and fresh in salads, meat and fish dishes. The roots and the seeds are also edible. Use seeds like celery seeds. Lovage is also a warming tonic herb for the digestive and respiratory system. As a companion plant lovage attracts beneficial insects if allowed to flower (though leaf production will be lost), and it is also said to improve the health and flavour of vegetables growing nearby. Herbaceous perennial to a height of 150cm.

9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

Freight: We can send up to 9 plants this size (in 9cm pots) for the same freight price or they can be combined with other grades but this will incur higher freight costs.

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