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Allium fistulosum

A perennial onion comprising a clump of small bulbs, each bearing long tubular leaves.  Plants grow approximately 75cm tall and onions are 1.5-2cm in diameter with a mild sweet taste.  Use like spring onions but harvest the leaves only to start with. Once your clump has formed up you can harvest from the base (bulb).

Allium species have been used world wide for their medicinal properties which are related to their rich organosulfur compounds . These are believed to prevent the development of cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, diabetes, liver diseases as well as allergy and arthritis. Alliums are said to be one of the most effective anti-microbial plants available, acting on bacteria, viruses and alimentary parasites. The volatile oil is largely excreted via the lungs and hence is used in infections of bronchial system. Alliums also support the development of the natural bacterial flora while killing pathogenic organisms. In addition they are said to reduce blood pressure when taken over a period of time as well as reduce blood cholesterol levels. They can also be used topically against fungal infections.

Essential in Chinese and Japanese cooking, easy to grow and great for small gardens or pots.  Allow to flower in spring and then begin harvesting again. The flowers are attractive to bees. Good companion for apple trees – said to reduce the incidence of black spot (scab). We have used these a lot in our food forest and are amazed at how well they’ve stood up in drought and against grass competition.

9cm pot. Certified organic plant. Please note these plants are sometimes cut back for sale but grow back fast:)

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