Russian Sage




Salvia yangii, formerly Perovskia atriplicifolia

Hardy perennial with silver-grey foliage and abundant spires of lavender-like flowers from spring til autumn. The plant retains a beautiful silhouette adding structure to the winter garden; this can be cut back in spring ahead of new growth. Native to an area from Iran to India, it thrives in hot dry places though does prefer a cooler root run. The flowers are sweet and can be used in salads. Traditionally the plant has been used medicinally to treat fevers,and in Russia it is sometimes used to flavour a vodka-based cocktail.. Flowers can also be crushed to release a blue colour for dyeing textiles or cosmetics, and the plant has been considered for potential use in the phytoremediation of contaminated soil, due to its rapid growth, tolerance for harsh conditions, and ability to accumulate toxic heavy metals. With a height in flower of up to 1.5m, the plant also makes a good low-ish internal hedge.  Certified organic plant.

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