Sea Buckthorn




Hippophae rhamnoides

Fast-growing thorny, nitrogen-fixing shrub growing to 6m tall, with extremely nutritious orange fruit in autumn. Suited to most soils. Requires full sun and is frost hardy and wind tolerant.  Good pioneer species for establishing orchards/forest gardens. Ornamental in winter when orange fruit linger on the plant.  Both male and female plants are required for fruiting, at a ratio of approximately 1:12. Please note we currently only supply unsexed plants, ie. we cannot tell if the plants are male or female at this stage, hence the discount on four plants bought together, to hedge your bets (pun intended!).  Fruit is high in vitamins A, C & E and flavanoids, and can be used for making juice, tea, wine, jam and medicinal tonics.  A decoction of the fruit can be used as a wash to treat skin irritations and cosmetically in face masks etc.  Useful for dense, stock-proof hedging and hard durable timber for fine carpentry or firewood.  Both yellow and black dyes can be obtained.  Good chook forage and shelter.

Please note we do not recommend planting sea buckthorn in coastal areas as it has the potential to become a weed species, although it is not currently listed as such anywhere. See this article for more information on weed status and general information on harvesting and preparing.

Size PB5 Certified organic plant, unsexed

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4 x PB5 discount rate, PB5 (equiv 3 litre)