Sedum ‘Pale Pink’




Sedum telephium  syn Hylotelephium telephium

Herbaceous clumping perennial to 40cm with ‘nominally edible’ fleshy leaves (think famine food – good to know they are there if you absolutely needed them!). In early autumn large flat clusters of starry flowers open from greenish-pink buds to pale pink. These will be absolutely teeming with bees the second they start to open, and are also a magnet for butterflies! The height of the plant and the flat, ledge-like flower head make it a great flower for our small people to observe the bees in action. The flower heads mature to attractive winter seed heads.

We don’t know the real name of this variety but the flowers are much paler pink in comparison to the well known ‘Autumn Joy’ as evidenced in the photo gallery, and the plants only grow to about two-thirds the height. Equally beautiful though, depending on your colour preferences!

Full sun, low moisture required – very drought hardy, and perfect for xeriscaping and gravel gardens. Due to the water held in their leaves, sedums can also contribute to providing a good firebreak. See this article about the California bushfires.

Certified organic plants.

Freight: We can send up to 9 plants in 9cm pots or 6 plants in 11cm pots for the same freight price or they can be combined with other grades but this will incur higher freight costs.

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Photos: Kahikatea Farm

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