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Achillea ptarmica
This plant goes by many common names, including sneezewort, sneezeweed, bastard pellitory, European pellitory, fair-maid-of-France, goose tongue, sneezewort yarrow, wild pellitory and white tansy! It is a European species of herbaceous perennial flowering plant in the genus Achillea, the same genus as common yarrow.

It makes a pretty ground cover for a sunny well drained spot and in fact prefers poor soils. It will tolerate maritime conditions and is also frost hardy, however we have found it competes less well with grass than yarrow and also needs more moisture. Its dark green leaves have finely toothed margins and summer brings masses of white pompom flowers in airy clusters. Mix with other achilleas for effect.

The plant is said to have cardiac, diaphoretic, digestive, emmenagogue, odontalgic, sternutatory and styptic medicinal uses, and has been chewed to relieve toothache. It is said the leaves can be eaten raw or cooked in small quantities however they are poisonous to cattle, sheep and horses, so caution is advised.

Height to 75cm when in flower. The leaves and stems die back in winter to a basal mound.

9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

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