Spanish Broom



Spartium junceum
Nitrogen-fixing shrub, also known as Weaver’s Broom, closely related to brooms in the Genista and Cytisus genera (which includes some NZ natives). Wiry or rush-like stems, with barely noticeable leaves whcih drop early in winter. Profuse attractive yellow pea-like flowers in spring. A useful early stage plant for the shrub layer of a food forest, this is a truly multi-functional plant. The young herbaceous tips of flowering shoots can harvested in spring to be used medicinally fresh or dried for their cardiotonic, cathartic, diuretic, emetic and purgative functions. A fibre from the stems has been used as a hemp substitute and to make thread, cordage and coarse fabrics. It can also be used for stuffing pillows etc and for making paper. The smaller stems are used in basket making, whilst the whole branches can be made into brooms, hence the name. A yellow dye can be obtained from the flowers. Brooms are frost and drought hardy, and suitable for sunny sites.

Height to 2m.

Certified organic plant.

Please note this plant is considered invasive in the Auckland area and we are not permitted to sell it to customers in that region. Here in Hawke’s Bay I have had none set seed in my food forest in over 10 years. See

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