Strawberry Spinach



Chenopodium foliosum

An heirloom cultivated for over 400 years, native to moist mountain valleys of North America, and popular in Europe since the 1600s.  Plants have smaller, thinner leaves than spinach but are used the same way, raw or cooked.  After flowering, many small edible strawberry-like fruits appear along the stems.  Wait til they are fully ripe –  dark red and soft – before eating. Use in green or fruit salads or sprinkled on muesli. Annual which self seeds readily – pops up in our garden at any time of year and is always welcome! A great one for the kids’ garden or for chook forage.

9cm pot Certified organic plant.

Freight: Lowest freight rate is currently $13.50 for between one and nine 9cm pots to an urban address. Further charges apply for larger orders, larger plants, or rural addresses. For more info please see our full list of freight and packing charges.

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