Swan Plant



Asclepias physocarpa

Frost tender perennial shrub which produces large creamy green pods with a swan-like shape, most well known for attracting Monarch butterflies.  So many eggs may be laid that the caterpillars may demolish plants fairly fast after hatching, so it’s often better to have a few plants available, or to protect some from butterflies.  A great plant to have in a garden for kids so they can learn about the lifecycle of the butterflies.

A number of species of plants in this family have been used for fiber crops for millennia. They are dual-purpose fibres, offering bast fibres from the stem and seed finer or ‘floss’ in the fruit pods. The stem fibres are used for spinning, partly in mixture with cotton, whilst the seed hairs are used as a stuffing material for pillows. Many have also been identified as potential hydrocarbon crops due to high latex content.

Great for a sunny but sheltered spot, but keep moisture up in the summer. Can be hard pruned to encourage bushing out, and even pruned to the ground and mulched to overwinter in frosty areas.Height 200cm.  Certified organic plant.

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