Tree Lupin



Lupinus arboreus

Short lived nitrogen-fixing shrub with typical lupin grey-green palmate leaves and racemes of pale yellow fragrant pea-like flowers in spring. Care is advised as this plant can be weedy in some areas, especially coastal and riperian strips where it shades out native species and adds too much nitrogen to the soil. However, in other areas it can be an extremely useful ground coloniser and shrub layer of early food forest system. Later in the development it may naturally be shaded out. We find it an excellent source of chop and drop mulch material in spring, and a great bee atrractor when in flower, as well as looking attractive and providing a useful filler in that sometimes tricky shrub layer. A bright yellow dye can be obtained from the flowers.  Height to 2m. Full sun. Frost & heat tolerant.

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11cm Pot, 9cm pot