Turkish Sage


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Phlomis russeliana

Hardy evergreen perennial from the mint family, hailing from Syria, and related to Jerusalem Sage (Phlomis tuberosa). This very striking plant has very large, soft, deeply heart-shaped sage-green leaves, and bearing slightly hairy, pale yellow hooded flowers in large whorls at intervals up the stem like a candelabra. These may contain as many as 50 individual blooms, flowering right through from early to late summer, and which are attractive to butterflies. Even after going to seed they provide structural interest through autumn and winter, as well as food for birds. The flowers are also great for cutting for the vase.

Turkish Sage is fast growing to 60 – 90 cm tall and will spread to form a clump up to 60cm wide. It is low maintenance and drought hardy once established. Requires full sun or only the lightest shade, and tolerates a wide range of soils, including clay and poor soils, as long as there is good drainage.  The large leaves overlap to make an extremely effective weed suppressing ground cover and the plants form a carpet that roots as it spreads. 9cm pot. Certified organic plant.

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