Tutae Koau/Native Celery



Apium prostratum

Also known as Shore Celery and Sea Celery, this dwarf form of celery is native to the shores of this country as well as Australia and South America.  It was commonly eaten by Maori and later became an important plant for Captain Cook to help reduce the incidence of scurvy. On 28th Oct 1769 he made the following diary entry:

“as I intended to sail in the morning some hands were employed picking of Sellery to take to sea with us.  This is found here in great plenty, and I have caused it to be boiled with Portable Soup (blocks of dried extract of meat) and Oatmeal for the people’s breakfast ……….. I look upon it to be very wholesome and a great Antiscorbutick”.

Related to parsley,  it produces a good supply of green leaves which can be used in a similar way. In Australia the dried leaves are used in native spice mixes.

Annual/bi-annual. Full sun to part shade. Suitable for growing in pots. Tolerates light frosts.

Certified organic plant in 9cm pot.

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