White Horehound



Marrubium vulgare

Perennial herb with soft grey leaves and small white flowers which prove extremely attractive to bees despite their rather uninteresting appearance to us!

Horehound was reportedly first used in ancient Rome by the physician Galen, who recommended it as a therapy for coughs and other respiratory ailments.  It acts as an expectorant,  helping to loosen bronchial secretions and eliminate mucus, also soothing sore throats, and relieving inflammation. It also increases the flow of saliva and gastric juice, thereby aiding digestion, alleviating heartburn etc. Horehound has also long been used as a vermifuge for animals.  Cough and cold remedies can be made in lozenge or tea form. My kids have been known to try and suppress many a cough, dreading the horehound tea I would make as it tastes so bitter, however there’s nothing like a huge dose of honey to sweeten the medicine!

Horehound is also said to repel flies so could also be useful planted around chook runs and compost heaps.

Full sun, any soil, very drought tolerant. Mound forming shape to 60cm height and approx  60cm spread.

Certified organic plant.

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